Tim Dolan for Greenfield Town Council, Precinct Five

Proactive politics at the local level. A progressive voice for precinct five.

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Platform and Principles


  • Supports an aggressive approach to the area’s opioid crisis, with efforts focused on harm reduction. 
  • Supports safe and simple access to clean needles.

Economic Development

  • Believes that a vibrant, walkable downtown area is the key to long-term economic growth.
  • Believes in the mission of GCET; supports further expansion under new management and with a board of directors that is properly accountable to the public.
  • Opposes changes to the current French King Highway overlay district.
  • Supports public transit, including expanded FRTA service and rail connections.


  • Supports expanded investment in K-16 public education, with only limited expansion of charter schools.
  • Supports the new library.


  • Believes that collective bargaining rights are inviolable.
  • Opposes so-called ‘right to work’ legislation at every level.
  • Supports the Massachusetts Nurses Association in their dispute with BFMC management.

Social Issues

  • Affirms that Black Lives Matter, and values the LGBTQA+ members of our community.
  • Knows that immigrants are part of our community, and vigorously supported the safe city ordinance.



Tim Dolan settled in Greenfield in 2013, and works as a librarian at GCC. A community college graduate, Tim went on to earn two master’s degrees in ethnomusicology and library science, and to conduct research as a Fulbright scholar in 2012 and 2013. He is a union activist, both locally and at the state level as part of the Massachusetts Teachers Association. As a librarian, educator, and public servant, Tim brings professional experience balancing the complex needs of a diverse set of constituents as well as a commitment to actively and equitably representing the many different voices of the community.

Tim bought a historic home on Hope St. in 2016, and is in the process of restoring it. In his spare time, he is a musician and long-time member of the Ephemeral Stringband.
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